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She passed away a little over 5 years ago and I still love and miss her so very much each and every day that is actually hurts. It is getting easier time but I don't really know if it will get better. Quite often I find myself thinking and having wonderfully "naughty" fantasies about some of the things we both experienced and that we talked about wanting to explore and experiment with both in and out of the lifestyle. While we did enjoy swinging/swapping for several years there were. To say about her she is a typical south Indian wife as all of you with height 5ft6inches and stats of 34 32 34 which I came to know later. Coming to the story it happened at the end of January. My aunt is one of my mom’s best friend she stays next to our house. Every evening my mom will have a chit-chat with her at my house garden by taking tea. Days were going normally as always but at the end of November I got a message from aunts number actually I didn’t know that was her number at first. It was like a distant rumble of thunder heard from over the horizon on a clear, sunny day. It was something in the way he looked at her while they talked, something similar to the first time, but now in some subtle way more focused. There was nothing at all in his manner that Chelsea would have described as sinister or calculating, but nevertheless she'd found herself repressing an occasional shiver -- and even the whirring of the projector had faded into the background.The dinner itself had. I heard a clicking noise. I ran to the door and tried to open it. It was locked. I began to panic. I ran to the window. It was so filthy I could barely see through the glass. I tried to open it but it only went up about 8 inches. The street seemed a very long way down, even if I could get the window open it was too high to jump. I was trapped – a prisoner.An hour must have passed when I heard the lock and the door opened. It was the clerk. There was a big black guy with him. They entered the.

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